Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II Excommunicated by Pope Gregory IX Hot

Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II Excommunicated by Pope Gregory IX

Court of Emperor Frederick II in Palermo
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Pope Gregory IX excommunicates Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II because he has returned early from his expedition to the Holy Land, thus failing to uphold his pledge to launch a Crusade against the Muslims to recapture Jerusalem and other former crusader cities.

Frederick II had started out last month, but he was reportedly affected by an epidemic that broke out in the ranks of his army — even Hermann of Salza, master of the Teutonic Knights, told him he should return home to recover.

Some believe that Frederick II only pretended to embark on a crusade and that he is faking his illness, suddenly and mysteriously acquired after just a couple of days.

This suspicion is not entirely unwarranted because Emperor Frederick II has been promising to launch a Crusade for many years now and has continually delayed because he has preferred to focus on securing his authority over his lands in Europe, especially those in Sicily and southern Italy.

In fact, his failure to join the Fifth Crusade in 1217 was probably an important factor in its failure.

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