Saladin Ambushes Richard I Lionheart at Battle of Arsuf Hot

Saladin Ambushes Richard I Lionheart at Battle of Arsuf

Richard I Lionheart at the Battle of Arsuf

Battle of Arsuf: Richard I Lionheart and Hugh, duke of Burgundy, are ambushed by Saladin in Arsuf, a small town near Jaffa about 50 miles from Jerusalem. Richard had prepared for this, and the Muslim forces are defeated.

After his victory in the Siege of Acre in August, Richard began a march on Jaffa, a port city which he would need to control before making any attempt to recapture Jerusalem. The Crusaders have been moving carefully down the coast, staying near water and having his ships move in parallel to keep him supplied.

Because of Richard's skilled leadership, the Crusaders aren't making any of the mistakes which Saladin is accustomed to taking advantage of, and this ambush was something Saladin hoped would turn things around to his advantage.

Just the opposite has happened — the Muslim army may not be destroyed, but it is routed, which gives the Crusaders a vital boost to their morale. Saladin's reputation is damaged while Richard's is significantly increased.

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