Treaty of Devol Forces Bohemond I to Surrender to Byzantine Emperor Alexios I Hot

Treaty of Devol Forces Bohemond I to Surrender to Byzantine Emperor Alexios I

Alexios I Komnenos
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Treaty of Devol: Bohemond I of Antioch surrenders to Byzantine Emperor Alexios I Komnenos. Crusaders like Bohemond had originally agreed to return to Byzantines any lands of theirs which were taken back from the Muslims, but Bohemond later changed his mind and declared Antioch to be an independent principality under his sole rule.

After getting reinforcements from Europe, Bohemond engaged in open warfare with Byzantine Emperor Alexios I Komnenos. Bohemond was unable to achieve much success, however, and must now submit to a humiliating treaty in which he becomes little more than a vassal of the Byzantine Emperor.

Ultimately, the terms of the Treaty of Devol are never truly put into effect. Bohemond never returns to Antioch; his son Tancred refuses to recognize it as valid. As far as Tancred is concerned, he owns Antioch by right of conquest and has no intention of handing it over to someone who wasn't involved with capturing it in the first place.

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