Siege of Xerigordon - Muslim General Elchanes Takes Fort Back Hot

Siege of Xerigordon - Muslim General Elchanes Takes Fort Back

The defeat of the People's Crusade
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Siege of Xerigordon: Elchanes, general of Kilij Arslan I, the Seljuk Sultan of Rûm, arrives at the fort of Xerigordon. Located about four days march from Nicaea, Xerigordon was occupied by Muslims, but three days ago it was captured by a group of about 6,000 Germans (Lombards, Longobards and Alemanni) from the Peasants' Crusade.

Reinald, commander of this group of Crusaders, led them here in the expectation of using the captured fort as a base of operations for staging raids on nearby villages. He didn't expect a counterattack to come so quickly and is unprepared. Even worse, there is no water supply inside the fort.

The Crusaders are able to hold out for a week, but by that point their thirst will be overwhelming and they are forced to surrender. Elchanes gives the Crusaders two choices: conversion or execution. Those who agree to convert to Islam are sold into slavery and never heard from again. The rest are executed by beheading.

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