Siege of Xerigordon - Reinald & 6,000 Germans Take the Turkish Fort

Siege of Xerigordon - Reinald & 6,000 Germans Take the Turkish Fort

The defeat of the People's Crusade
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Siege of Xerigordon: Reinald leads a group of about 6,000 Germans (Lombards, Longobards and Alemanni) from the Peasants' Crusade in the capture of the lightly-defended Turkish fort at Xerigordon.

The Peasants' Crusade is currently based in Helenopolis, west of Nicaea, and people from it have been staging raids all around the region — attacking Eastern Orthodox Christians as well as Muslims. This group under Reinald have taken Xerigordon with the intention of using it as a base of operations for their own plundering raids.

In just three days, however, an army sent by Kilij Arslan I, the Seljuk Sultan of Rûm, will arrive and lay siege to the Crusaders in the fort. They are completely unprepared because they never expected a Muslim army to arrive so quickly. Even worse, there is no water supply inside the fort.

After eight days they will be forced to surrender. Those who convert to Islam are merely sold into slavery and never heard from again. Those who refuse to convert are executed by beheading.

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