Death of Pope Stephen V (VI) in Rome Hot

Death of Pope Stephen V (VI) in Rome

Pope Stephen V (VI)

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Pope Stephen V (VI) dies in Rome. Stephen had been elected unanimously, but Emperor Charlemagne had not been consulted; as a result, Stephen faced the very real possibility of being deposed.

Fortunately for him, Charlemagne's empire was falling apart, and Charles was in no position to do anything about Stephen. Once Charlemagne died, Stephen tried to rely on the support of various weak princes to protect Rome.

They proved too unreliable, however, so Stephen turned to Constantinople — especially once the Saracen raids increased.

When it came to internal church matters, Stephen made the fatal mistake of forbidding the Slavs to use a Slavonic liturgy during their services — possibly due to the influence of German clergy. This infuriated them, and as a result they were driven towards the Eastern Church and Eastern Orthodox Christianity rather than Western Roman Catholicism.

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