Death of Pope Martin I While in Exile Hot

Death of Pope Martin I While in Exile

Pope Martin I

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Pope Martin I dies while in exile in Chersonesos Taurica (a city in the southern Ukraine in the Crimea region). He has been sent into exile by Byzantine Emperor Constans II.

The two first came into conflict when Martin I was elected pope without approval from the Byzantine court, but the serious problems started when Pope Martin I called and presided over the Lateran Council of 649.

Martin became very involved with promoting this Council's condemnations of Monothelitism, a Christological doctrine that is popular in Constantinople and supported personally by Emperor Constans II.

According to the Monothelite theologians, Jesus Christ has two natures, human and divine, but only one will (divine). The more traditional position, supported as orthodoxy by Martin's Lateran Council, is that Jesus Christ also has two wills, human and divine.

Because of his, Emperor Constans II ordered his exarch (governor) in Italy to arrest the pope. He was finally able to do this in 653, sending him to Constantinople where he languished in prison for more than a year. In May, Constans II send Pope Martin into exile here in the Crimea where he only lived for a few months.

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