Pope Gregory I Consecrated, First Monk to Become Pope Hot

Pope Gregory I Consecrated, First Monk to Become Pope

Pope Gregory I the Great

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Gregory I is consecrated as pope. The first monk to become pope, Gregory is arguably the right man in the right place at the right time — and his successes in so many areas will earn him "the Great" as a title.

First, he will sufficiently undermine the power of the Lombards, a Germanic tribe in northern Italy, that he will be able to establish papal control over a number of territories in central Italy. This not only protects Rome politically and militarily, but provides a source of income for the papacy, thus making it more independent and powerful.

Second, he will send missionaries out to various pagan tribes, something which expands not only Christian belief but also the political influence of Christian leaders like himself.

Third, Pope Gregory the Great will increase the power of the papacy within the Christian Church by decreasing the power of bishops. He does not explicitly promote a doctrine of papal primacy, but he does create religious orders that are independent of the bishops and answerable directly to the pope.

Fourth, he will be also a strong supporter of clerical celibacy, something not yet widely accepted even in the western Christian Church. Through his efforts, clergy will be prevented from passing down titles and lands to their children, thus further reducing the independent power of bishops.

Finally, Pope Gregory will make extensive changes to the liturgy of Christianity — the music used, the order and selection of readings from the Bible, and so forth. This is what the average Christian in the future will best know about Gregory the Great.


Gregory the Great

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