Election of Pope Boniface II, First German Ever Elected to Papacy Hot

Election of Pope Boniface II, First German Ever Elected to Papacy

Pope Boniface II

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Boniface II is elected pope. Boniface II is the first German to ever be elected to the papacy, and this can be attributed mostly to the influence of the Gothic king Athalaric, grandson of an immediate successor to Theodoric the Great.

The record on the reign of Pope Boniface II will be mixed, but he will be most remembered for confirming the decisions of the Council of Orange. These include the teaching that grace is always necessary for a human being to obtain salvation, contrary to the teachings of some Pelagians.

For a time Pope Boniface II will have to contend with an antipope named Dioscorus, who had been overwhelmingly elected to the papacy by the priests in Rome. Boniface II and Dioscorus will actually be consecrated as popes in Rome on the same day, but Dioscorus will only live for another 22 days after that, thus eliminating one source of problems for Pope Boniface II.

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