Death of Pope Boniface I, a Strong Proponent of Papal Authority Hot

Death of Pope Boniface I, a Strong Proponent of Papal Authority

Pope Boniface I

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Pope Boniface I dies. A contemporary of Augustine, Boniface I supported Augustine's fight against Pelagianism, and Augustine dedicated a number of his books to Boniface.

Pope Boniface I achieved more in the fight against Pelagianism than his predecessor, Zosimus, who had managed to offend the powerful African bishops.

Pope Boniface I was also a strong proponent of papal authority, asserting at one point:

"It has never been lawful for what has once been decided by the apostolic see to be reconsidered."

This principle came be to be known as Roma locuta est; causa finita est, which means "Rome has spoken, the matter is settled."


Augustine and Pelagianism

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