Roman Emperors Decree Those Disagreeing With Catholic Faith are Heretics Hot

Roman Emperors Arcadius and Honorius decree that all those who disagree with orthodox Catholic faith are automatically considered heretics, even if the disagreement is on a minor issue.

According to this new law:

"Those who deviate, even in a minor point of doctrine, from the tenets and the path of the Catholic religion are included under the designation of heretics and must be subject to the sanctions which have been issued against them." [CTh 16.5.28]

Ever since the reign of Constantine the Great, there have been efforts to suppress heresy while supporting orthodox Christian beliefs. Here, though, the Roman government is taking a rather severe step by using the law against even the smallest deviations from orthodoxy.

This sort of extreme action is typically only taken when orthodoxy itself is under a great deal of pressure from dissenters and internal disagreement.


Column of Arcadius

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