Constantine the Great Defeats Emperor Licinius at Battle of Chrysopolis Hot

Constantine the Great Defeats Emperor Licinius at Battle of Chrysopolis

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Battle of Chrysopolis: Emperor Constantine defeats Emperor Licinius in their final engagement, thus leaving Constantine as the sole emperor of the Roman Empire. Licinius has already suffered serious defeats at the Battle of Adrianople and, most recently, at the Battle of Hellespont.

There are significant religious aspects to this battle: Emperor Licinius uses prominent displays of Rome's ancient pagan gods in his battle lines, while Emperor Constantine's troops fight under the Christian labarum standard. For those fighting the battle, therefore, it appears to be a direct conflict between Christianity and Roman paganism.

After realizing that there is no more hope for him anywhere, Emperor Licinius tries throwing himself on the mercy of Constantine. Because is wife, Constantia, is Constantine's half-sister and acting as an intermediary, he has some reason to hope that he can come out of this alive — but that only works for a few months, after which point Constantine will break his solemn oath and has Licinius executed.

Constantine is now the first sole Roman emperor since Maximian was made co-ruler of Rome by Diocletian in 286.


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