Utah Students Learn About Evolution From Bible and Book of Mormon Hot

Utah Students Learn About Evolution From Bible and Book of Mormon

Gayle Ruzicka

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Reports coming out of Utah indicate that while state education standards require students to learn about evolution according to the recommendations of the National Association of Science Teachers, in practice many students learn little or nothing about it.

One teacher, Sue Otis at Ensign School, admits that if any student asks about evolution she reaches not for the biology text but for the Bible and the Book of Mormon. Otis is cofounder of a private Mormon school that isn't obligated to follow the basic standards of science education.

Gayle Ruzicka, president of the conservative lobbying group Utah Eagle Forum, is quoted as saying:

"In Utah, teachers are cautious, mostly because they don't feel comfortable teaching something they don't believe in themselves.

And those who do believe evolution understand the culture and know they could have hostility coming down all around them."

In other words, science teachers in Utah are either in denial about evolution because of their Mormon faith or are afraid of what their Mormon neighbors will do to them if they refuse to submit to others' denial of science.


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