L. Ron Hubbard Claims Hollywood Studios Very Interested in His Book Dianetics Hot

L. Ron Hubbard Claims Hollywood Studios Very Interested in His Book Dianetics

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According to L. Ron Hubbard, movie studios in Hollywood are very interested in his book Dianetics, The Modern Science of Mental Health in the expectation that it will help them make better movies. He even claims to have "de-engrammed" five actors, though he won't name them.

Hubbard is quoted as saying:

"The movie colony has greeted dianetics very enthusiastically, because it needs it very much. Dianetics can help the movies in three ways. De-engrammed stars won't hold up production by getting hangovers and colds; writers will write better; actors will act better. ...

I hope to start classes for movie industry workers at psycho-analysis rates of 25 or 15 dollars an hour. It will be worth it. One actor I audited couldn't play anybody but himself on the screen. He was frozen into one type. Now he can play any role."

Hubbard rejects the criticisms of professionals who describe his ideas as "quack patent cure-all," "potentially harmful," and "more like a religious cult than a science." According to Hubbard: "They're just not well informed about dianetics."


Dianetics Commercial from 1983 — L. Ron Hubbard

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