White Rose Resistance Movement Member Willi Graf is Beheaded by Nazis Hot

White Rose Resistance Movement Member Willi Graf is Beheaded by Nazis

Willi Graf
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Timeline of History

Political History

Willi Graf, a member of the White Rose resistance movement, is beheaded with a guillotine by the Nazi government. Trained as a medic, Graf's experiences in various war zones hardened an anti-Nazi stance that had developed already at an early age. When stationed in Munich, he came into contact with several members of the White Rose resistance movement and quickly joined their activities.

Because he moved around regularly as a medic in the military, his primary job in the resistance group was to contact and recruit potential member in other cities. He also participated in anti-Nazi graffiti campagins.

He was arrested in February, sentenced to death in April, and has spent all his time until now in solitary confinement. During this period he was interrogated extensively by the Gestapo but never gave up any information about any fellow resistance members, instead taking all of the blame on himself.


The story of the White Rose

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