Operations Begin at Majdanek Concentration Camp

Operations Begin at Majdanek Concentration Camp

Majdanek Gas Chamber

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The Majdanek concentration camp begins operations. Named "Konzentrationslager Lublin" (Concentration Camp Lublin) by the Germans, it is a forced labor and extermination camp where nearly 80,000 people will die during the 34 months it is open.

Heinrich Himmler ordered the construction of Majdanek when he visited Lublin, Poland in July 1941

Majdanek is very different from most of the other Nazi concentration camps because it is in the middle of a busy urban area.

There are no tall walls hiding the camp from view, there is no large security zone, and there are no natural barriers. Anyone going by the camp will have a clear view of the crematorium chimney, and the gas chamber will be a few yards from a busy street.


Majdanek Concentration Camp

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