Orders Given in Berlin for Creation of Jewish Ghetto in Warsaw Hot

Orders Given in Berlin for Creation of Jewish Ghetto in Warsaw

Warsaw Ghetto, 1945

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Orders are given for the creation of a Jewish ghetto in Warsaw. By October 31, all Poles living in the designated area must move out while all Jews living outside it must move in.

Covering just 4.5% of the area of the entire city, over 410,000 Jews must be accommodated here according to the estimates of the Jewish Council. Nazi estimates place the numbers here as high 590,000.

Even by the lower numbers, this will create a population density that is more than ten times what currently exists in Warsaw generally and an average of six people living in each room of each domicile. Once filled, the Nazis will have a wall built around it to ensure the separation of Jews and non-Jews.


Requiem for 500,000

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