Vienna Newspaper Publishes Article on Cardinal Innitzer's Criticism of the Nazis

Vienna Newspaper Publishes Article on Cardinal Innitzer's Criticism of the Nazis

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The Wiener Neuesten Nachrichten publishes an article attacking Cardinal Theodor Innitzer for his recent sermon that was critical of the Nazis and which appears to have inspired riots against him and his residence. The article is entitled "Now at Last an End to the Innizter Methods" and focuses on the cardinal's political activities.

According to the article:

"We are going on our way even without the consent of the last adherent of Austrian clericalism who has not found his way over in these new times.

We do not intend, however, to permit ourselves to be continuously in a state of anger. An end must be put to the methods of the Cardinal, who first shows a velvet hand in readiness to talk things over and then incites political quarrels. ...

He can organize church choirs, but not Sprechchöre [chanting in unison in the manner of political or sports rallies], and he can teach Gods' word, but not political wisdom that is infiltrated to him from Rome. A clergy that talks politics will not be tolerated."

Regarding the violent rioting after Innitzer's sermon, the article says:

"We do not wonder that people reacted with loud ill humor. Greater provocation would be hard to imagine — one that, with open and concealed words, attacked the Führer of the German people at a time when he realized our finest objective.

It is especially bitter to us that a high Catholic dignitary showed sad courage to attack the Führer in an indirect way in a speech before a couple of dozen anemic Catholic youths, organized a silly Sprechchöre and provoked the people at a very moment that our troops were talking possession of the Sudetenland — at last liberated by the Führer — in the name of the Reich and the German community."


Hitler Takes Austria

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