Cardinal Faulhaber Writes Letter Describing Hitler as a Man of Peace

Cardinal Faulhaber Writes Letter Describing Hitler as a Man of Peace

Cardinal Michael von Faulhaber
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Cardinal Michael von Faulhaber of Bavaria writes a letter in the Völkischer Beobachter, the official newspaper of the Nazi Party, describing Hitler as a "man of peace."

Faulhaber goes on:

"The great deed of safeguarding peace among the nations moves the German episcopate, acting in the name of the Catholics of all the German dioceses, respectfully to extend congratulations and thanks and to order a festive ringing of bells on Sunday."

So bells throughout Germany are rung to commemorate German troops having marched into Czechoslovakia and occupied the Sudentenland the previous day. The diocese of Berlin has this announcement read in all the pulpits:

"God has heard the prayer of all Christendom for peace. By His grace and the tireless efforts of the responsible statesmen the terrible affliction of a war has been averted from our Fatherland and from Europe.

In deepest thankfulness we desire now with a prayer and a Te deum to praise God for His goodness in that He has preserved peace for us, a peace which has at the same time assured the return [Anschluss] of our Sudeten kinsmen to the German Reich."

During this time period, the German bishops praise Hitler for keeping the peace; when Hitler launches his wars of aggression, though, the same bishops won't criticize him for it and will instead praise him for his willingness to fight against Bolshevism.


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