Chicago's Bishop George Stewart Urges Christians to Fight War, Paganism and Atheism

Chicago's Bishop George Stewart Urges Christians to Fight War, Paganism and Atheism

Bishop George Craig Stewart

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Bishop George Craig Stewart of Chicago calls upon all Christians to join together to fight war, paganism, and atheism. These remarks are made at the opening of the PanAmerican Congress of the Episcopal Church and a meeting of the House of Bishops of the United States.

Bishop Stewart says:

"It seems as if God is giving the world one more chance to meet the plan of redemption and win peace and good-will for all men.

We can thank God that the nations of the West are at peace. But for how long will it be? If we but drift, yield to the vicious materialism and skepticism of the day, let glorified immorality and glamorized vice and so-called sophistication have their way, can we expect to endure either as builders of a civilization or as angels of peace? Absolutely no!

If we are not about our Father's business with the greatest of haste, we, too, are heaned for the cataclysm now threatening Europe any hour."

Stewart calls on all Christians to unite to "make common cause against war, paganism, vice, materialism, atheism, and death." He believes that "unification of Christian forces alone will destroy the enemies of civilization."

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