Heinrich Himmler Tells German Law Academy That Law is Irrelevant Hot

Heinrich Himmler Tells German Law Academy That Law is Irrelevant

Heinrich Himmler

In a speech before the Academy for German Law, Heinrich Himmler explains that the law is irrelevant — all that matters is acting according to one's common sense.

According to Himmler:

"Right from the start I took the view that it did not matter in the least if our actions were contrary to some clause in the law; in my work for the Führer and the nation, I do what my conscience and common sense tells me is right."

A important distinguishing characteristic of leading Nazis is their complete disregard for the rule of law or the importance of independent legal traditions and standards. For them, it's completing the goal which is the only real concern, and right now that goal is bringing all Germans together under a single national banner carried by Adolf Hitler.

Hitler, they believe, is the only person for the important job of defending German culture and Christian civilization from godless ideologies, atheistic socialism, and Jewish Bolshevism.


Katrin Himmler — Family members of Heinrich Himmler

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