Jesuit Publication Discusses Problem of Worldwide Revolution and Jews

La Civilta Cattolica, an official Jesuit publication founded by Pope Pius IX and published under the direct control of the papacy, discusses the problem of the "worldwide revolution and the Jews."

According to the anonymous author:

"The world is sick. ... Everywhere peoples are in the grip of inexplicable convulsions...and the filthy element, as uninterested in work as it is avid for money and unattainable pleasures, seems to be amusing itself in a frenetic and tragic dance of tumults and strikes, waiting to proclaim the communist republic tomorrow, while the politicians, the wise men of the nations, frightened, frantically search for a peace that is no more than a perpetual disillusion.

Where are we going?... Who is leading?... Who is urging on this rabble of parties, leagues, and lodges, and guides this movement of universal revolution which is turning human society's head from one end of the world to the other?"

The author's answer is that "the Synagogue" and "Jewish intruders" are responsible for all this.


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