Birth of Edith Stein in Germany to Jewish Family Hot

Birth of Edith Stein in Germany to Jewish Family

Edith Stein

Timeline of History

Religious History

Edith Stein is born in Breslau, Germany (later Poland), to an observant Jewish family. Stein will be an atheist during her teenage years and gravitates to the study of phenomenology, writing her dissertation under Edmund Husserl. Later, she converts to Catholicism and eventually enters a Carmelite monastery.

Being a Catholic nun does not, however, save her from the Nazis' genocidal policies towards the Jews. She tries to escape by transferring to the Carmelite monastery at Echt in the Netherlands.

In 1942 she and her sister, also a convert to Catholicism, will be arrested then transported to Auschwitz, where they are killed in the gas chamber.


On This Day — Saint Edith Stein

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