Mormon Settlers Driven From Jackson County, Missouri by Non-Mormons

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Non-Mormons drive Mormon settlers from Jackson County, Missouri. Joseph Smith has taught that the Garden of Eden was located in Jackson County and that it represents a "New Jerusalem" for them. For this reason there has been a massive influx of Mormon settlers, something that has upset non-Mormons to the point of violence.

At first, vigilantes use violence against Mormons while government authorities look on and do nothing; in response, Mormons band together and begin to fight back simply to protect themselves and their property. Once that happens, the passive government authorities label the Mormon actions illegal or even a form of insurrection, then use sanctioned government violence to drive them off.

Mormons won't be allowed to return and won't be reimbursed for any lost property. They and all newly arriving Mormon settlers begin settling in and around Caldwell and Clay counties where, for a while, they are able to live in peace. All that changes in 1838 when the Mormon War occurs.


The Mormon War of 1838

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