Death of Pope Honorius I, Responsible for Spread of Monotheletism Hot

Death of Pope Honorius I, Responsible for Spread of Monotheletism

Pope Honorius I

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Pope Honorius I dies. Although he did a number of things as pope, like promote missionary work, he is probably best known for having advocated a belief that eventually comes to be anathematized as heresy: Monotheletism. Indeed, it can be argued that Pope Honorius is largely responsible for the spread of Monotheletism in this era.

Honorius felt the need to intervene in a conflict involving Monophysites, a group which believes that Jesus had a single will and a single nature — either divine or some fusion of divine and human. Rejecting this, Honorius argued that Jesus had two natures (human and divine) but a single will — and that will expressed itself differently through those different natures.

This is Monotheletism, and it will be condemned as a heresy in 680 at the Council of Constantinople.

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