Seattle Citizens Ask Supreme Court to Review Law Forbidding Bible Teaching in Public Schools Hot

George I. Clithero of Seattle leads a group of citizens of the state of Washington in filing a petition asking the U.S. Supreme Court to rule in a state law forbidding the reading and teaching of the Bible in public schools. The Supreme Court recently passed on this appeal, letting stand a Washington State Supreme Court ruling that the ban is constitutional.

The brief filed in the Supreme Court today says:

"Is it without merit or frivolous to contend that a state statute forbidding the reading or teaching of the Bible in the public schools is invalid as violating the federal constitution and statues, when this court has held a state statue forbidding the reading or teaching of the German language and other foreign languages in the public or private schools to be in violation of the 14th amendment?

A strong, well-organized atheist movement is now, and has been for some time, making a drive in suits and otherwise to drive the Bible entirely out of the public schools. The United States department of education announces that the Bible can not be read or taught in the public schools in 12 states.

The present widespread lawlessness is due largely, according to most writers, to lack of Bible reading and teaching. Eighty per cent of children in the state of Washington are now estimated to have no Bible principles of Christianity at home or elsewhere, and hundreds are falling into the criminal law based on bible laws, found guilty, sent to penal institutions after the state educational system had legal custody from 6 to 21 years of age for educational purposes, and by reason of the law withheld from them all Bible knowledge of the Christian principles of our nation and government."
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