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Death of German Philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

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German philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel dies in Berlin during a cholera epidemic. Hegel's method of dialectical logic allowed him to develop a philosophy of idealism centered on the concept of an Absolute.

According to Hegel, human culture is really a manifestation of the self-consciousness of the Absolute. In fact, the whole of reality is an expression of the Absolute, something he also calls Absolute Spirit.

Friedrich Hegel thus contradicts traditional Christian doctrine which holds that God is separate and distinct from the universe. Instead, he argued that there wouldn't even be a God if there were not a universe through which God could be expressed.

Because this fundamental principle is pure thought, Hegel's philosophy will become part of the tradition of idealism. Because this fundamental principle is a single substance, Hegel's philosophy is also a form of monism.


Hegel: History And Historicism

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