Election of Pope Julius II

Election of Pope Julius II

Pope Julius II
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Julius II is elected pope. The nephew of Pope Sixtus IV, he has occupied many positions of power in the Catholic Church because of his powerful family connections. Over the years, he has held eight bishoprics and served as papal legate to France.

As pope, Julius II will have to deal with the fact that Italy is rife with dissent and conflict. He is not, however, interested in calm negotiations to solve the problems. Instead, he will just launch a war against the troublemakers, even donning full armor himself and leading the papal armies against Venice.

At the same time, Julius will become a major patron of the arts and support the work of artists like Michaelangelo and Raphael. The combination of violence and art will produce a mixed legacy: even when people refer to him as "Julius the Terrible," they will also have to acknowledge his contributions to art and architecture.

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