Archbishop of Canterbury Thomas Becket Flees England

Archbishop of Canterbury Thomas Becket Flees England

Thomas Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury
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Thomas Becket of Canterbury flees England. King Henry II of England has been trying to make the English clergy less independent of the crown and loosen its connections to Rome. So far he has succeeded in convincing all the clerical leaders to go along with his demands except for Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury.

Last month, Henry II brought Archbishop Becket before a council at Northampton Castle where Becket was charged with contempt of royal authority and malfeasance in the Chancellor's office. His conviction was a foregone conclusion, so after Becket left the trial he began making preparations to go to the continent, where he can mount a defense against Henry and the clerics who have sided with him.


Henry II and Thomas Becket : Roots Of Conflict

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