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Council of Chalcedon Closes

Council of Chalcedon

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The Council of Chalcedon closes. Convened by Emperor Marcian and Pope Leo the Great in Chalcedon, a city of Bithynia in Asia Minor, it is the most important of the first four general councils of the early Christian Church. It is here that the divisive question over the nature of and personhood of Jesus Christ has finally been decided, creating an important confession of faith which continues in use through the modern age.

The essential debate during the Council of Chalcedon was the view of the Monophysites who argue that Jesus had a single, divine nature and denied the more orthodox view that Jesus had a dual nature, fully human and fully divine. The earliest instances of Monophysitism were not condemned and were, in fact, advocated by a number of prominent Church leaders such as Cyril.

With the Council of Chalcedon, however, this belief was definitively set aside in favor of the belief that Jesus Christ was a single person, but had two distinct and separate natures — one human and one divine. This becomes known as the Chalcedonian Definition and will be the Christian doctrine which remains the center of orthodoxy up through the modern day.


A brief history of the Chalcedon Council

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