Hermann Goering Surrenders to U.S. Troops

Hermann Goering Surrenders to U.S. Troops

Hermann Göring
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Political History

Hermann Goering surrenders to U.S. soldiers in Bavaria. Hermann Goering's complicity in the Holocaust is disputed during his trial at Nuremberg and continues to be a subject of debate among scholars.

Goering favored the expansion of German power over Eastern Europe, but preferred diplomacy rather than war. He supported Hitler's plans once the war started, but was convinced that those plans were doomed to defeat.

Goering was anti-Semitic, but not nearly as anti-Semitic as other Nazi leaders like Himmler and Goebbels. He signed orders for the development of a "Total Solution to the Jewish question," but he also personally intervened to protect and save individual Jews.

In the end Hermann Goering is found guilty and most scholars today tend strongly towards the conclusion that he was more complicit than not (and certainly not completely innocent). Goering will be able to escape the hangman, though, by using a potassium cyanide capsule he had hidden in skin cream.

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