Birth of Aleksandr Kerensky, Russian Revolutionary Leader

Birth of Aleksandr Kerensky, Russian Revolutionary Leader

Aleksandr Kerensky
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Aleksandr Kerensky is born. One of the most prominent leaders of the February Revolution in Russia, he will be a member of the Provisional Committee of the State Duma and vice-chairman of the Petrograd Soviet.

Although a childhood friend of Lenin's family, he won't be a member of the Lenin's Bolshevik party and will, in fact, be one of their targets when they launch the second Russian Revolution in 1917. Aleksandr Kerensky will by this point be almost universally reviled because he attempts to keep the war going against Germany, keeping up Russia's obligations to the western allies.

Ultimately Aleksandr Kerensky has to flee to France. he will live out the rest of his life in exile, first in France then, in 1940, in the United States.

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