Reformer Jan de Bakker Caught by Catholic Authorities

Reformer Jan de Bakker Caught by Catholic Authorities

Jan de Bakker
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Church reformer Jan de Bakker is caught in the Hague by Catholic church authorities. Jan de Bakker is a Catholic priest who has joined with other Protestant reformers in denouncing various Catholic excesses and abuses of power.

He preaches heretical Protestant ideas from the Catholic pulpit, leading to outrage from the authorities. After his arrest he is transferred to The Hague where he appears before the Inquisition.

Jan de Bakker is defrocked and sentenced to death; that execution takes place in September. His widow is only able to save her own life by recanting all of his teachings and living out her life in an abbey. The Roman Catholic Church shows no mercy towards critics, dissidents, and reformers while trying to fend off the Protestant Reformation.

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