Death of Antipope Alexander V

Death of Antipope Alexander V

Antipope Alexander V
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Antipope Alexander V dies. Born Petros Philargos (Peter of Candia) on Crete, he will work hard to end the Western Schism which has created two rival lines of popes. Peter called the Council of Pisa in 1409 and it was attended by cardinals from both factions — but without the approval of either rival pope.

The Council of Pisa deposed both the Roman pope (Gregory XII) and the Avignon pope (Benedict XIII) then elected Peter of Candia as a new, replacement pope. He took the name Alexander V, but because neither of the rival popes approved of the council neither accepted that they had been deposed. So not only did Antipope Alexander V fail to end the Western Schism, but he made it worse.

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