Judenschlacht - Pogrom Against Jews in Frankfurt, Germany Hot

Judenschlacht - Pogrom Against Jews in Frankfurt, Germany

Christians Plundering Frankfurt's Judengasse, 1628
Source: Wikipedia

Judenschlacht: The Jewish community of Frankfurt-am-Main Germany experiences a major pogrom. The origin of the conflict seems to lie with intermarriages between Christians and Jews and, in particular, the baptism of children from those marriages.

Records show that 180 Jews are murdered by Christians in Frankfurt today; another 24 escape death by agreeing to convert to Christianity. The synagogue is plundered and Christians burn all the ancient Torah scrolls.

Evidence suggests that this pogrom, known as the Battle of the Jews, was carefully planned in advance: it lasts the entire day, the Christians are able to quickly capture a fortified tower, and archers are deployed against the city's rabbi. All of this suggests that someone or some group took the time to plan the attacks out.

Because the Jews in Frankfurt have been under the personal protection of Holy Roman Emperor, Frederick II Hohenstaufen since 1236, he orders an investigation that lasts several years. In the end, he pardons all the Christians who took part in the pogrom and no one is required to pay any sort of fine or reparation.

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