Islamic Militants Attack Foreign Workers in Saudi Arabia, Take Hostages Hot

Islamic Militants Attack Foreign Workers in Saudi Arabia, Take Hostages

Hostage Rescue in Khobar, Saudi Arabia

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In Khobar, Saudi Arabia, Islamic militants attack a housing complex for foreign workers and take several dozen hostages after killing nearly a dozen.

The"Jerusalem Squadron" takes responsibility for the attack and claims that it seeks to drive"Zionists and crusaders" out of Saudi Arabia for trying to steal Muslims'"oil and resources."

The next day, after it's revealed that the Islamic militants have begun killing hostages, commandos will storm the housing compound where the hostages are being kept. The commandos do find nine bodies when they enter but they are able free the 25 remaining hostages. Two militants are killed in the assault and several others are arrested.


Living and working in Saudi Arabia - Compound Life

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