Church of Scientology Settles Lisa McPherson Case

Church of Scientology Settles Lisa McPherson Case

Lisa McPherson Flyer, Scientology Protest
Source: Bryan Gosline

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After seven years of legal maneuvers, delaying tactics, and other attempts to prevent the case from getting to court, the Church of Scientology finally decides to reach a settlement with estate of Lisa McPherson. The terms are kept confidential.

Lisa McPherson became gravely ill after being in seclusion under the care of Scientologists at the Fort Harrison Hotel for 17 days. She is driven to a hospital 45 minutes away where she would be seen by Dr. David Minkoff, another Scientologist. Gaunt and bruised, McPherson is pronounced dead.

It would be a year before news of her case would even hit the press. When the police investigate, Scientologists insist that McPherson checked herself voluntarily into the Fort Harrison hotel for "rest and relaxation" and "suddenly fell ill" for no apparent reason.


Scientology: 17 Days - Lisa McPherson

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