Anti-Islam Remarks Condemned by National Association of Evangelicals

Anti-Islam Remarks Condemned by National Association of Evangelicals

Ted Haggard

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The National Association of Evangelicals, a group of evangelical Christians, condemns as "dangerous" and "unhelpful" anti-Islam remarks like those made over the past year by Franklin Graham, Jerry Falwell, Jerry Vines, Pat Robertson and other evangelical leaders.

Ted Haggard, president of the National Association of Evangelicals, says:

"Since we are in a global community, no doubt about it, we must temper our speech and we must communicate primarily through actions."

None of the major figures who have made headlines for their anti-Islam commentary are singled out by name and none of them have attended the meeting today.

Nevertheless, the targets of the rebuke being made here are obvious to anyone who has been paying attention to what evangelical leaders have been saying recently.


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