Italian Scientists Claim Recovery of DNA From Early Homo Sapiens

Italian Scientists Claim Recovery of DNA From Early Homo Sapiens

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Scientists in Italy announce the recovery of DNA from early Homo sapiens who lived approximately 24,000 years ago. By comparing this DNA with sample from modern humans and from Neanderthals, scientists are able to determine that the Neanderthals were not in fact related to Homo sapiens.

The DNA extracted from the remains in the Paglicci Cave falls within the range known for modern humans, but has no similarity to the DNA previously extracted from Neanderthal specimens. This doesn't disprove the possibility of Neanderthals and Cro Magnons mixing, with some remnant of Neanderthal DNA being transferred to modern human populations, but it does demonstrate that Neanderthals are not a direct ancestor of modern humans.


New evidence that Neanderthals interbred with Humans

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