Justice Department Accuses Demjanjuk of Being Nazi Concentration Camp Guard

Justice Department Accuses Demjanjuk of Being Nazi Concentration Camp Guard

John Demjanjuk

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The Justice Department files a civil complaint against John Demjanjuk. The U.S. government accuses Demjanjuk of having been a guard at the Treblinka and Majdanek concentration camps in Poland under German occupation, a guard at the Flossenburg concentration camp in Germany, and of having participated in rounding up 2 million Jews in occupied Poland during World War II.

At the hearing for his case, Paul Matia of the Federal District Court will rule that because John Demjanjuk cannot provide a satisfactory explanation for where he was and what he was doing during World War II and the Holocaust, the U.S. government case is sufficiently proven. This will allow the government to strip Demjanjuk of his citizenship and deport him, and in 2009 he will be deported to Germany where a legal case against him for war crimes and crimes against humanity will be initiated.


Rabbi Hier CNN Interview — John Demjanjuk

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