Meek v. Pittenger: Court Voids Laws Giving Resources to Religious Schools

Meek v. Pittenger: Court Voids Laws Giving Resources to Religious Schools

Meek v. Pittenger

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Decided: Meek v. Pittenger — The U.S. Supreme Court invalidates most of two Pennsylvania laws providing instructional materials and equipment to religious schools because most of that aid could be easily diverted to religious purposes.

According to the court:

"The church-related elementary and secondary schools that are the primary beneficiaries of Act 195's instructional material and equipment loans typify such religion-pervasive institutions.

The very purpose of many of those schools is to provide an integrated secular and religious education; the teaching process is, to a large extent, devoted to the inculcation of religious values and belief.

Substantial aid to the educational function of such schools, accordingly, necessarily results in aid to the sectarian school enterprise as a whole."

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