Death of Senator Joseph McCarthy, Public Face for Anti-Communist Witch Hunts

Death of Senator Joseph McCarthy, Public Face for Anti-Communist Witch Hunts

Senator Joe McCarthy
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U.S. Senator Joseph McCarthy dies in Bethesda, Maryland. McCarthy entered the Senate in 1947, and starting in 1950 he became the public face of America's anti-communist witch hunts and hysteria.

Like many others, Joe McCarthy believed that were veritable armies of Soviet agents, sympathizers, and spies in the United States actively working to undermine the American way of life, sabotage American military defenses, and destroy the American economy.

McCarthy's pursuit of alleged communists reaches such hysterical heights that a new word is coined from it: McCarthyism. It comes to refer to any reckless, demagogic, and unsupported accusations combined with public attacks designed to intimidated and silence.

For example, in 1950 Senator Joseph McCarthy alleged that 81 employees of the State Department were of "questionable loyalty" and even charged that some were members of an "espionage ring." McCarthy refused to provide solid support for his claims and the number of alleged communists changed multiple times.


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