Wisconsin State Senate Exempts Church Suppers From Restaurant Health and Safety

Wisconsin State Senate Exempts Church Suppers From Restaurant Health and Safety

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The Wisconsin State Senate overwhelmingly passes a bill to exempt church suppers from restaurant health and safety regulations.

Assemblyman Draheim is one of only a very few who make a strong argument against the measure, insisting that any organization serving the general public rather than just members must be held accountable:

"Let us not be swayed by emotion and wrap a cloak of religion about a piece of legislation. The concern over the health and welfare of the people of Wisconsin is the paramount issue. It would not be unwise not to ask anyone who serves food to the public not to be subject to a reasonable amount of inspection."

Senator Hendee says:

"The question is whether we are to continue in our obligations to protect public health."

Hendee points out that churches are subject to other sorts of inspections, such as for fire codes, so why not health and safety regulations when serving food to the public?

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