Pope Pius XII Canonizes Pope Pius X Hot

Pope Pius XII Canonizes Pope Pius X

Tomb of Pope Pius X
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Pope Pius XII canonizes Pope Pius X, making him a saint. Steps towards this started very soon after his death, and there were large numbers of pilgrims visiting his tomb between the world wars.

In 1944 his body was exhumed and found not have decomposed too much, and he was given the title "Venerable Servant of God" because of his virtuous life. After this, two miracles are attributed to him because two nuns allegedly have their cancer cured when they touch relics of Pope Pius X. This allows him to be beatified in 1952.

After two more miraculous cures are attributed to him, one a pulmonary abscess and the other a neurotropic virus, Pope Pius X is canonized — the first pope to become a saint since Pius V was canonized in 1712.


Canonization of Pope Pius X

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