Israel Proposes Certain Holy Sites in Jerusalem be Placed Under International Control Hot

Israel Proposes Certain Holy Sites in Jerusalem be Placed Under International Control

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Israel proposes that instead of the internationalization of the entire city of Jerusalem (which has been the position of the UN), only certain holy sites within Jerusalem be placed under international control.

Until now Israel has only offered the UN supervisory authority over religious shrines.

This new proposal would give the UN complete authority over all religious shrines in Jerusalem, including responsibility for upkeep, ensuring access for pilgrims, and adjudicating disputes between religious groups.

The Vatican objects to the proposal because Israel's goal is to maintain political sovereignty over Jerusalem, and that is precisely the problem: one nation controlling the city, subjecting the city to political vicissitudes.

"The establishment of an international regime in Jerusalem means that that city will be administered not by one given nation but by a body, which because it is international, has no nationality of its own. Israel, therefore, is not being called upon to relinquish to a foreign state its sovereign rights over Jerusalem.

It is called upon to hand over to an international body the administration of a city for certain specific reasons which Israel itself recognizes as having some weight because it has declared itself ready to offer, as a state, safe guarantees, as were embodied in the resolution approved Dec. 12, 1949, by the United Nations General Assembly.

That resolution does not affect the principle of the nationality of Jerusalem since no one disputes that principle. The question is one of administration and not of nationality."
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