Zionist Terrorists Storm Prison to Free Jewish & Arab Prisoners

Zionist Terrorists Storm Prison to Free Jewish & Arab Prisoners

Irgun Poster
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More than 250 Jewish and Arab prisoners, some serving life terms for serious crimes, are freed when Zionist terrorists blast a hole in the side of the general prison in Acre, Palestine.

This is about half the prison population. Five prisoners are killed while trying to get out and nine of the terrorists are captured. During the following days the British authorities will launch the largest manhunt in the history of the region.

Irgun Zvai Leumi, one of the more aggressive and violent Zionist terrorist groups active in Palestine, takes responsibility for the terrorist attack: "Today at 4pm our soldiers attacked a fortress at Acre in order to liberate our brothers who are languishing in prison."


Irgun and Hagan plan broke into the Acre prison

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