Nazi Party Manager Philipp Bouhler Commits Suicide With Wife Hot

Nazi Party Manager Philipp Bouhler Commits Suicide With Wife

Philipp Bouhler
Source: Deutsches Bundesarchiv

Philipp Bouhler commits suicide with his wife in Austria. Member number 12 of the Nazi Party, Philipp Bouhler started out as the Business Manager for the NSDAP then later chief of Adolf Hitler's Chancellery, another business management post.

The term "business" covers a lot, so Philipp Bouhler was responsible for preparing secret decrees, arranging material that had to be presented to Hitler, and sorting through all correspondence.

Bouhler was charged with war crimes because he also supervised the development and implementation of Aktion T4, the involuntary euthanasia program of the Nazis which killed thousands and prepared the way for the Holocaust.

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