Abraham Maslow Starts Notebook on Well-Adjusted College Students Hot

Abraham Maslow Starts Notebook on Well-Adjusted College Students

Abraham Harold Maslow
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Abraham Maslow started writing his "good human being" notebook, in which he recorded the characteristics of some of the exceptionally well-adjusted college students he observed.

This, in turn, led him to his hierarchical theory of self-actualization. Maslow's theory of four levels of motivation describes a process by which individuals fulfill their needs.

Maslow's levels are: 1. biological needs; 2. safety and security; 3. love and belongingness; and 4. self-esteem. Earlier levels are more basic and later levels build upon the former. The goal of understanding the different motivations, according to Maslow's humanist psychology, will be to provide for the self-actualization of the individual.


Expanded Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

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