Heinrich Himmler Tells Nazi Generals: Even Jewish Kids Have Been Eliminated Hot

Heinrich Himmler Tells Nazi Generals: Even Jewish Kids Have Been Eliminated

Hungarian Jewish children waiting for the gas chamber at Auschwitz

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At a meeting of Nazi German Generals in Sonthofen, Heinrich Himmler gives a speech in which he explains that even the children of Jews have been eliminated.

Himmler says:

"Another question which was decisive for the inner security of the Reich and Europe, was the Jewish question. It was uncompromisingly solved after orders and rational recognition.

I believe, gentleman, that you know me well enough to know that I am not a bloodthirsty person; I am not a man who takes pleasure or joy when something rough must be done. However on the other hand, I have such good nerves and such a developed sense of duty — I can say that much for myself — that when I recognise something as necessary I can implement it without compromise.

I have not considered myself entitled — this concerns especially the Jewish women and children — to allow the children to grow into the avengers who will then murder our fathers and our grandchildren. That would have been cowardly. Consequently the question was uncompromisingly resolved."
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