Himmler Writes to Bormann on Germany's Handling of Quarter-Jews Hot

Himmler Writes to Bormann on Germany's Handling of Quarter-Jews

Heinrich Himmler and Martin Bormann

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Heinrich Himmler writes to Martin Bormann about how Nazi Germany should deal with "Mischlinge," or quarter-Jews. He passes along a report given to him by Professor B.K. Schultz, chief of the RuSHA (SS Race and Settlement Main Office) who has been investigating the issue.

Professor B.K. Schultz writes:

"It is proposed that: quarter-Jews should not be included in the same category as persons of German blood without exception, but that they should first undergo a racial classification.

Every quarter-Jew in whom Jewish racial characteristics are clearly prominent, as judged from external appearances, should be treated in the same way as half-Jews (i.e., as Jews)."

Himmler likes this proposal and sends it to Martin Bormann with this note:

"Dear Martin, I refer to the brief conversation we had about part-Jews. I am enclosing a proposal from my collaborator, the well-known race-investigator, Professor B.K. Schultz, the Chief of the Race Bureau of the RuSHA. I regard such investigations as being absolutely necessary, perhaps not only in quarter-Jews but also in persons with even less Jewish blood.

We must follow a similar procedure to that which is used in breeding plants and animals, but this must remain between us. For several generations (at least 3 or 4), the offspring of such mixed families must be racially examined by independent institutes, and, if racial inferiority is shown, they must be sterilized, and thus prevented from passing on their traits further. ...

Perhaps you will let me know what you think about this. Heil Hitler! Your HH."


Hitler's Henchmen - The Secretary Martin Bormann

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